Red Leigh Cooper

Red Leigh Cooper

Monday, May 30, 2011

The beach is full of shells...

     When I started this I only knew two things.  I've been writing since I was 9 years-old and I am in desperate need of grabbing the "starfish."  Might as well start with what I've been doing the longest...

     I guess should explain why a "starfish" is my metaphor for the thing in life that you should be doing; for your purpose on this Earth.  Rob Bell is a pastor from Michigan who does this great series of videos called NOOMA.  They were made to explore today's world from a possible Jesus perspective.  Now before I go further, these videos are great no matter what your religion preference is.  Even is your preference is none, most people are acquainted with the story of Jesus enough to understand what Bell is talking about when he injects scripture.  The thing that makes these videos resonate with many are the real life examples for whatever lesson Bell is trying to teach.  Video #20 is entitled "Shells."  Bell tells the story of his family at the beach, collecting shells of many types, when his son spies a starfish bobbing on the water.  His son goes running into the water just to come back with no attempt to even grab the starfish.  This goes on a few more times before Bell asks him why he isn't grabbing the starfish.  The boy replies, "I can't because my hands are full of shells..."

     That had a great impact on me.  As you can guess the lesson was about being too busy with nothing important and not knowing how to say "no" to the things that aren't essential to grabbing your particular starfish.  I realize I have had so many different jobs and been involved doing so many things that really aren't the starfish that it's time to drop the shells and get on with it...but get on with what?  That question came up right after the video.  My friend Kristen looked at me and said, "But what if you don't know what the starfish is?"  Good point.  How do we know for sure?

     To quote the great David Byrne, "And you might ask yourself how did I get here?" I guess that's what we'll find out together. How we got here and where we are going...or not...but we have to keep thinking about that starfish...bobbing on the water...there for the taking if we just rid our hands of all those shells.

     By the way...I would assert I've always known deep down what the starfish is, but I kept running away from the beach because I'm deathly afraid of sharks...So get your floaties on! This may get weird and possibly uncomfortable at times, but the object is not to drown.

    Happy Fishing!