Red Leigh Cooper

Red Leigh Cooper

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beachcoming - 10/2/2012

     Here are my "good reads" of the week.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Beachcombing - 10/2/2012

Hell: Yeah, I'm Going There - or - Hell yeah, I'm going There - blog - An interesting and informative post on the Greek translation of the very few times "Hell" appears in the Bible...or does it really ever.

Why You Should Have a No Drama Policy - by Donald Miller -  Shouldn't everyone?  Maybe first before we can have no drama in our lives, we need to admit we may create some of it ourselves.  I took the pledge; will you?

(More) scattered Thoughts on My Life in the Christian Industry - Rachel Held Evans blog -  I thought this blog would be like the one I posted last week from the guy in Jars Of Clay, but it turned out to be more about trying to find rest in a demanding profession.  Since I am fond of searching for the Sabbath, I liked this one a lot.

What Sin Is. And Is Not. - Tell me why the world is weird blog -  Think you know what sin is?  Think again.....

And because I've been feeling a lot like this lately...more on that in the next blog.

Happy Fishing!


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